Microgaming Online Casinos

The online gaming world changed in the big way when Microgaming set the standards so high others had no choice but to follow to try and keep up. Most of which failed to even come close the gaming that you will experience when playing in a Microgaming online casino. One of the reason is the casino games are alive, meaning they are so similar and realistic to ones you would play in a local business that the need to leave home is not necessary. They have coded the games to be fair with decent payouts that keeps players coming back, sometimes you win and other times you lose but at least you are getting play for your money.

Unlike other places where you just throw money in one after another and never hit anything decent to build your credits up. Since the casinos have updates monthly of new casino games players just can’t stay away as they are ready to try out the new machines and see what features they have added this time. Microgaming is always looking at new game providers to keep adding machines people will enjoy or that are popular in land casinos, so they game developers are on top of it providing features they just are endless. They will theme the machines after popular movies or shows, and increase the variations of bonus rounds users can hit. Some are random others you are rewarded with when you hit certain symbols on the reels.

If you enjoy slots games with progressive jackpots then they are definitely a must to play as they have the best on the net with more players becoming millionaires playing within their casinos. Each casino is separately owned by an operator who powers their casino with the games Microgaming developed. How this works is Microgaming designs the casino games and take a fee from all coin in and coin out. This is why the operators are careful about the no deposit bonuses and ban players for abusing it as they are paying fee’s on each coin put into the machines. When abuse is widespread it can get quite expensive. They do get very generous with their loyal players as they know it is worth treating established players good while still encouraging new players with smaller bonuses. I do recommend everyone who plays at one of these casinos to stick with them, instead of jumping around a lot. The games will pay when they hit that level of coin in just like local places, it is the user being in the casino at the right time when they are paying. Progressives are combined with many casinos so a win can happen anywhere and again it is all about timing, watch the progressives and notice how high they get prior to hitting to find the best time to play. I like the dark knight since you can win a decent amount without hitting a progressive that and it is fun to play. So if you want to see them in action just sign up at one of the no deposit casinos and give them a whirl with real money.

If you want the best, select Microgaming casinos

If you have searched around looking at gaming casinos you may have noticed the microgaming logo that is a sign that they casino games are powered by this software. Knowing this is a symbol you can trust will make it easier to pick out casinos to play.

The best of the lot, Microgaming slots

For those dedicated slots players then nothing beats the Microgaming online casinos as they have the best selection of slot machines. In fact they have more than five hundred different ones to play which gives players the option to play the newest which have hundred pay-lines or keep it simple and just play the tradition single reel machines.

Microgaming Mega Moolah Slots Game

This is one of the most popular machines to play and users have won a lot of money playing Mega Moolah, as of recently where one user ended up winning more than eight million. How mega moolah slots game works is it has 4 progressive jackpots, the smallest starting out at 10 and normally hits before it reaches 20 so it is hit all the time.

Microgaming Casinos Advantage

Since Microgaming casinos are no doubt the leaders in the online casino industry with around 100 casinos operating around the world they must continue to grow and update their games to stay on top.